Retail Services

Installation Services

Having worked in high end retail for 25 years we understand the specific sensitivity of the retail world.

We will verify your floor plans, check packing lists, call store personnel and, when necessary, arrange a site inspection. We can install in a flagship location or branches with in your chain.

Gentwell Services has the experience and skills you need to insure your projects are completed on time to the highest standards.


We are structured to deliver various projects large or small including specialist / restoration works.

Refurbishment generally takes place in a live and operating space and therefore the space needs to either remain open during the refurbishment or be trading again as soon as possible. We understand the need to ensure that the refurbishment process is efficient with as little disruption as possible.

Gentwell Services understands that attention to detail with planning will lead to a successful execution and that realistic timescales are the key to delivering the space on time and on budget.


Maintaining your shop assists in upholding reputations and traditions, keeping your image fresh and extending the life of your investment.

We can set up a programme that meets your needs.

Recurring visits to Flagship stores can be set up to inspect, repair damage or replace items. Whatever your repair needs are we are happy to assist.

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