Gentwell services are committed to sustainability and implementing practical solutions that reduce impact and regenerate natural resources that will provide for the future.

Partnership is important to drive our sustainability plans, Gentwell Services will therefore strive to work in partnership with our clients and we will only make authentic commitments we intend to deliver. We will also apply our capabilities to help our clients address their sustainability challenges and achieve their own net zero carbon targets.

During this decade Gentwell Services commit to do more to protect the planet.

Eradicate non sustainable waste we will:

  1. Eliminate single use materials by embracing the circular economy, such as through a closed loop paper recycling system
  2. Reduce our use of natural resources, with only items which fit our circular economy approach allowed on site
  3. Use natural, nontoxic and biodegradable cleaning products where possible, and champion the use of new innovations such as microfibre and surface coatings
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