Setting Recycling Targets

Gentwell Services can assist Clients in setting recycling targets and meeting them through the following process:

  • Analysis of the waste streams to assess the volumes and types of waste streams suitable for recycling
  • Designing of recycling collection services for the recyclable material identified, including frequency of collections to suit volumes produced
  • Provision of colour coded and labelled bags and containers for the individual recyclable waste streams
  • Supplying specific internal waste bins to separate the various waste streams at source
  • Working with the Cleaning contractor to implement procedures that will ensure recyclable streams are internally collected separately and segregation is maintained
  • Promotion of recycling schemes and procedures to onsite staff to ensure awareness
  • Designing of a detailed site specific monthly waste report which breaks down the various streams and records the volumes generated
  • Reporting of recycling volumes by site to management in organised meetings, to ensure awareness of performance
  • Management of contracts with the recyclable reprocessing facilities and specialist collection contracts, to maintain best value for the Client
  • Auditing of recyclable waste streaming to prevent contamination occurring
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